Where I Am Today, KIndness

My Prayer
Several years ago, God.....
Called me out a Iife that only be called a pitiful existence where there was no happiness, or hope of any happiness only misery, to a place, a "family", Where I could learn to have life and that more abundantly.
I was not just "zapped" with this life, and all of a sudden I have it. But early on I found that this is a process. It is like the Scripture; You shall know the truth, And the truth shall make you free. A small amount of truth, a small amount of freedom, a large amount of truth, a large amount of freedom.
For most of my life, unto this time, I was a loner. I didn't understand people, or their ways. Socially, ( And in every other way ) I was a misfit, a loser... I was a loser at being loser.
Oh I did want to fit in, I tried so many ways, I thought people did not like me, Therefore in my defense I did not like them. I ran away from home when i was 14 and hitch hiked all over the United States, a bum, a loner for 8 years.
In that world there were not as many societal rules. Any relationships made were very short, like to the end of the ride to wherever they were going. I had given up long ago any hope of being a part of any people.

I tried the bar room crowd, trailer park people, Alcoholics Anonymous, Dart throwers, different church groups... I couldnt even be a bum right... Then, my first wife who should never have married me, died after 3 years of martiage. At her funeral I met my Final reason for leaving civilization, The next two years every day I got to hear these words " I hate you and I wish you were dead" and always followed with my response " so do I "

As I said, God called me to this place, to a people that I could belong to, to a family, to his body, The bride of Jesus Christ, Where she is making herself ready To be just that!
When I first got here I had no l desire, to try to be a part of another people. The fact is, I was seriously considering going away getting away from people.
But deep down inside, I yearned to be a part, to be wanted, to have purpose.
I heard a little message, said, "That I could pray God, to change even the desires of my heart"
So that is what I did.
A very short time later, a few things happened, that caused me know of a surety, that God "planted" me in his Body, the family of God. Now the process can begin.
Around this time I was handed a piece of paper it was written by a brother who passed on.
This paper was such a treasure to me, I had never seen such a thing, being handed to me just like it was handed to all the others of this family, made me feel such a part.
It was a list of 137 traits of the flesh, and at the end of this paper, was a little prayer. I read it over and over again. I could just tell, If I could just practice what it said in this prayer, and it assimilated into my very being, that all the social problems that I have, will have no place in me.
It also happens to be, it appears, that if I lived this prayer, I would not, nor could operate in any of the traits of the flesh!
So for the next 21 years, The Lord availed me, the most perfect position or opportunity to assimilate that prayer into my being!
He allowed me to be the head usher in the church that he called me to, that I am apart of, and that I belong to, and I'm so thankful and glad that I am!
In that position, there are so many acts of kindnesses putting on charity, sacrificing, being my brother's keeper, there are so many benefits, I had absolutely no idea of, before I got here.
So all these acts of kindness, are not acts anymore.
This is a life of kindness.
And being considerate of others.
This is not a life of getting, but giving!

But in giving, I will get all that I need!

And not just the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you....
But I say,
Do unto others as Jesus would do if he were me. Expecting nothing in return

O Lord, grant that each one who has to do with me today may be the happier for it. Let it be given me each hour today what I shall say, and grant me the wisdom of a loving heart that I may say the right thing quickly.
Help me to enter into the mind of everyone who talks with me, and keep me alive to the feelings of each one present. Give me a quick eye for little kindnesses that I may be ready in doing them and gracious in receiving them. Give me a quick perception of the feelings and needs of others, and make me eager hearted in helping them.

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